About Us

Q SHOP was started in 1997 by two men who knew what it meant to work hard, do what is right, and keep business customer-focused. They, their wives, and outstanding employees (who we are fortunate to still have with us), all worked hard to grow the company.

This legacy continues with owners Dave and Cori who share this philosophy and have worked hard in their respective careers to develop what is needed to continue to move the newly named Q SHOP LLC into the future.

Who are Dave and Cori? 

Dave has been in the fabrication and welding field for 30 years. He’s been certified in multiple applications over the years, trained and mentored countless of individuals into the field, built everything from food grade containers to fire trucks to high performance aftermarket snow mobile parts. He’s designed and engineered parts that are now international successes. He enjoys problem-solving, telling a good story, and using his creativity.

Cori brings her business acumen and tenacity. She's been a business woman for over 26 years both in running her own businesses or in management/administration in others. She has a MBA in accounting and enjoys learning everything about everything. While quieter in nature, she thrives in the complexities business offers and will be mostly the one behind the scenes... mostly.